Why we want you to get paid faster for your work

You’ve seen the central value propositions on our web page: “Be more productive, get paid faster and serve your clients better”. In particular, we’ve packaged many productivity increasing features into our premium plans. They’re all designed to help you be quicker, more efficient, and make creating invoices a whole lot easier.

Late payment issues

The common thread that runs through most of the new functionality, both in our freemium offering as well as within our premium plans, is our desire to offer you a product that enables you to get paid faster. It is a well-known fact that entrepreneurs and small businesses suffer from late payments, i.e. their customers paying their invoices later, sometimes much later, than the agreed-upon due date. It’s a serious issue with occasionally severe consequences, including cash flow crises and even bankruptcy, when you are not able to make up for the cash shortfall with the use of your savings.

Helping entrepreneurs succeed

In addition to the late payment issue, and perhaps more central to our foundational principles and the character of our company is this: we believe that entrepreneurs deserve to be paid for the work they have performed, as fast as possible, without any unnecessary delay. Many of us have been, or are currently entrepreneurs, and we know how frustrating waiting for compensation for the work you have already done can be. As much as we can, we want to help you avoid this source of frustration. It is specifically for this reason that you will see us refer to getting paid faster a lot more often from this point on. Annoying as buyers’ late payment may be, it is from the “principle of the right to be paid fast” that we derive inspiration for building features that enable you to be paid ever quicker and easier.

Get paid faster

Over the next weeks and months, we will post more about our thoughts regarding both the value of getting paid faster and how, specifically, Zervant helps you accomplish that objective. We’ll discuss the features of our product that allow you to get paid faster and easier. In the meantime, we’ll leave you with a special treat though. Online payments, the facility that allows your customers to pay your invoices by credit or debit card, directly results in very substantial reduction in payment delay. In fact, many customers will pay you in one or two days when given this option. Read more about this in this previous article.

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