Meet Your Customers’ E-Invoicing Demands

If you have customers in the public sector, you may have already received a request to start sending e-invoices to them. Most central governments and local authorities such as the National Health Service (NHS) has already adopted electronic invoicing.

Send e-invoices with Zervant!

Send E-Invoices Easily

With Zervant’s invoicing software, you can send your e-invoices quickly. We are compatible with all e-invoice formats such as: VAT number, Orgnr, GLN, DUNS, IBAN and SAP iDoc.

Zervant's e-invoicing software is made for entreprenuers

Made For Entrepreneurs

Running a business can be tough, but invoicing doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’ve made invoicing software just for entrepreneurs.

What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice (also known as e-bill) is a regular invoice, that includes the same information as an invoice printed on paper and sent by post, or as a PDF email attachment.

What is e-invoicing?

Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing for short, is sending your invoice digitally to your customer. However, it’s not the same as sending a scanned invoice or a PDF file to your customer’s email. With email invoices, your client would still need to handle it manually.

With e-billing, manual processing and paper are removed from the process. When you use electronic invoicing, your invoice travels directly to your customers’ invoice processing software. E-invoices are also paid with just the click of a button.

What Are the Benefits of Electronic Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing is faster, safer, and more eco-friendly. It also saves costs and helps speed up processing times. Electronic invoicing also helps prevent fraud and reduces human errors. No wonder the EU wants e-invoicing to be the dominant form of invoicing in Europe!

E-invoicing can save up to 60% in costs

Saves Money

With e-invoices you can save up to 60% in costs compared to paper invoicing.

Growth Rate of electronic invoice adoption is 10–20% annually.

Being Adopted Globally

Electronic invoicing is being adopted with a 10–20% growth rate annually.

The EU public procurement processes have started to mandate e-invoicing from 2018

EU Enforced Since 2018

The EU has enforced public procurement processes to start using e-invoicing since 2018.

Electronic invoicing saves time

Saves Time

Save a few extra hours every week. E-invoicing only needs to be set-up once, and then you can use it with all of your customers.

E-invoices help prevent fraud and human error

Better Accuracy

With e-billing, information flows directly from machine to machine, no chance of human error or fraud!

E-invoicing is sustainable, and saves paper!

It’s Green

E-billing is more sustainable, because it doesn’t need to use paper. This way you’ll save a significant number of trees and reduce CO2 emissions.


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