Do your corporate or public sector customers demand invoices from you as e-invoices? With Zervant, you can easily create and send e-invoices.


What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is a type of invoicing where all the same information of a regular invoice is provided in a digital format, and paper is completely removed from the process. E-invoices are delivered from one invoicing software to another.

How to send an e-invoice with Zervant

We’ve made e-invoicing as easy as possible. There is no need for your own e-invoicing address or a separate agreement with an e-invoicing operator. With two quick steps, you’re capable of serving your customers the best way possible.

1. E-invoice address

All you need is the customer’s e-invoice address. You will usually receive it directly from them. Zervant offers all the most common formats: in the UK, typical e-invoice address types are VAT number, GLN and DUNS.

2. Create and send

Create a normal invoice and add the required information. Sometimes, for example, larger companies may require a purchase order number. After that, all you have to do is choose e-invoice from the sending options. The invoice is delivered to your customer’s billing system.

What are the Benefits of Electronic Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing is faster, safer and more eco-friendly. It also saves costs and helps speed up processing times. Electronic invoicing also helps prevent fraud and reduces human errors. No wonder the EU wants e-invoicing to be the dominant form of invoicing in Europe!

Get Paid Quicker

Because the transaction takes place digitally, your invoice can be approved for payment sooner. Lost paperwork is a thing of the past.

Save The Trees

On average, a tree can only produce enough pulp for 7,500 sheets of paper. Go digital and reduce our reliance on paper.

Future Proof

Mandatory e-invoicing is the future, with the UK Gov already requiring it from all businesses providing services to the public sector. Get ahead of the curve and stand out.

Want to know more about e-invoicing?

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