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An example invoice sample

Sample Invoice Format UK

Sample invoice format for UK sole traders, limited companies, freelancers and contractors. There are four different types of invoice format available – Excel, Word, PDF and an online version!


Sample Invoice with VAT

An example invoice sample

Sample Invoice without VAT

An invoice template example


Sample Invoice with VAT

Invoice template for UK limited companies with VAT

Sample Invoice without VAT

Invoice template for UK limited companies without VAT


Sample Invoice with VAT

Free sample invoices with VAT for freelancers and contractors

Sample Invoice without VAT

Free sample invoice for freelancers and contractors without VAT

How To Fill Out An Invoice

Looking for a sample invoice so that you understand what to include on your own invoices? Here’s a checklist covering all the essentials:

  • Contact information: Both your client’s and your own contact details.
  • Dates: State the date your invoice was issued and when it’s due.
  • Invoice Number: A unique number for identifying your invoice (it’s also a legal requirement!).
  • Payment Terms: In the UK standard payment terms are 30 days and late payment interest is 8.5% (unless agreed otherwise with your client).

We hope you find these blank invoices useful. They’re designed to help make it as easy as possible to get paid. Be sure to check out the other free tools on our blog as well.

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