Invoice Branding Guide | Put A Logo On Your Invoices

A lot of things just seem to work better together. Lennon sounds better with McCartney, Tom is funnier with Jerry, fish tastes better with chips. And your invoices will look better with your logo on.

But it’s not just to do with aesthetics. Zervant specialises in invoicing software for freelancers and small businesses. So we’ve used our trade knowledge to come up with the 4 essential reasons invoice and logo go together.

Why Having Your Logo on Invoices is Crucial

1. The Power Of Logo

A logo can go a long way. Just think of what is conjured up in your head when you see a Swoosh, the Golden Arches, or a coffee cup with a green circle on it. They’re all instantly recognisable. And they really speak to you about the business behind the image.

A successful logo is a powerful tool that will continually add value to your business. With that much potential, why wouldn’t you want to exploit it on your invoices too?

2. Logo And Brand

If the first point shows logos are a powerful tool for small businesses, this second point will explain why. And simply put, it’s because your logo is a visual and graphic representation of your brand. So what is a brand?

Cue Jeff Bezos. Jeff is the founder and CEO of Amazon. He actually started the company as an online bookshop from his garage, and then grew the business from the ground up.

As the mastermind behind a global, billion dollar company (and one with a famous logo to boot) it’s fair to say Jeff knows a thing or two about brands. In fact, he attributes a lot of Amazon’s early success to a focus on premium branding. Jeff says that:

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Your brand is what really makes you stand out from the crowd. It reflects what your company stands for, and what people think about your business when you’re not there to represent it.

As an emblem for your brand, the more places you can put your logo, the better.

3. Greater Exposure

Invoices are part and parcel of business. Each and every time someone completes a project, provides a service, or sells a product, they’ll most likely send an invoice.

Which, once gain, means invoices are a fantastic place to promote yourself. They land on many desks, pass through many sets of hands.

However, it would be unprofessional to use a customer invoice as a platform to shamelessly brag about your company. So again, the best way to harness this potential is probably with a well-placed logo.

“A constant, subtle stream of extra support for your business.”

Think of it almost as free advertising.

4. Image

You’re good at what you do. And you work hard to succeed. So make sure that you don’t fall at the last hurdle. A shoddy invoice can, in a few seconds, undo all that previous hard work.

We’re not trying to exaggerate. But your image will be seriously compromised if the invoice arrives on your customer’s desk… with another company’s logo on it. Or perhaps even worse, no logo at all.

And though free templates are an excellent tool whilst you find your feet, they’re not a long term solution for an entrepreneur that’s serious about their business.

So what to do?

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