Free UK Invoice Template in Word for Sole Traders

This free UK invoice template doc is designed to help sole traders, freelancers and micro businesses tackle late payment. It comes in Word, with a blank and an example template.

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Download Your Free Invoice Template doc below

As well as the invoice template, we’ve also included instructions on what information to put where.. We really hope you find it all useful! If you do why not try out Zervant’s online invoicing software too?

Download Template

The download has two templates. One is blank and ready to use, the other one is filled in with sample details. If you need an Excel version of the invoice template we’ve got that too!

invoice template uk

Invoice Template Instructions

There are certain essential pieces of information that every invoice must include:

  • Your company contact information: Enter your company contact information in the top left corner of the invoice template.
  • Client contact information: Also include the client’s contact information (we’ve put this in the top left hand corner, underneath your own details).
  • Invoice Date: Enter the date you issued or printed the invoice (the default date on our example template is today’s date)
  • Invoice Number: A unique number that identifies the invoice, usually a sequential, serial number. During the same fiscal year you should never create two invoices with the same invoice number.
  • Client Reference: Enter a unique customer identification number.
  • Payment Terms: Enter payment terms for the invoice, the default on our example template is 30 days.
  • Due date: The date on which the invoice should be paid by is automatically calculated based on the payment terms you enter.
  • Late payment interest: Enter the interest rate charged if the invoice is not paid on time.
  • Additional information: Here you can enter a brief description about what the invoice includes. And any additional terms you may have agreed with the customer.
  • Payment details (bottom of the invoice template): Enter the Bank Name, Sort Code and Account Number to be used when the invoice is paid.
  • Invoice items: Include any services or products sold, as well as the quantity, unit used, and price. The invoice template will then calculate the total amounts due.

Once you’ve filled everything in, save the document and send it to your client. Make sure you save each invoice with a unique name and reference. This will make it easier to find them when needed.

Top tip: Why not save your invoice as a PDF and send that to your client? Not only does it look more professional, it also can’t be altered. If you want more tips or information on invoice requirements, why not read our article on invoicing best practice?

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