Free Invoice Generator UK

Free Invoice Generator UK

Free invoice generator for UK businesses. Use it for creating invoices in Excel, Word, PDF and online. Either download the relevant template below, or choose the online version to generate invoices immediately!

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An easy way to generate invoices is with our free invoice generator. You can use it to create and send an unlimited amount of invoices via email, completely for free. All you need is an email address. Sounds good? Then create your free account today!

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Sole Trader Invoices

Sole Trader Invoice with VAT

An invoice template example
Our invoice template layout

Sole Trader Invoice without VAT

Limited Company Invoices

Limited Company Invoice with VAT

invoice generator for limited company with VAT

Limited Company Invoice without VAT

invoice generator for limited company without VAT

Freelancer and Contractor Invoices

Freelancer / Contractor invoice with VAT

invoice generator UK for freelancers and contractors with VAT

Freelancer / Contractor invoice without VAT

invoice generator UK for freelancers and contractors without VAT


Invoice Generator Instructions

Obvious as it may seem, there are a few crucial things it’s worth double-checking before sending your invoice. Even a small mistake can result in delayed payment.

Here’s a quick checklist that covers all the basics you need on every invoice:

  • Contact info: Both your own details and your client’s ones, all in the top left. If you have a lot of clients consider creating a specific reference number for each one.
  • Dates: Include the date you issue the invoice and also when it’s due.
  • Invoice Number: A unique number for identifying the invoice, usually a sequential, serial number. This is vital, as it will help you to identify your invoices when you need them later on.
  • Payment Terms: In the UK standard payment terms are 30 days, and you can charge 8.5% interest on late payments. Make sure you add your payment details too – Bank Name, Sort Code and Account Number. If you’ve ever come across any acronyms or shorthand phrases for payment terms, check this rather excellent jargon buster.
  • Additional info: A brief description about what your invoice includes, and perhaps a thank you message for the client!

If you’re still not quite sure what information goes where on the invoice, you can find some handy guidelines on how to write an invoice.

We hope you find these invoice generators useful. They’re designed to help make it as easy as possible to get paid. Be sure to check out our other free tools and templates on our blog as well.

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