More payment options

Zervant’s online payments feature can be used with all major debit and credit cards, from customers worldwide, and in over 135 currencies.

No set up or monthly fees

The transaction fee is only 1.9% of the invoice value + a flat €0.25 fee (for cards issued in Europe). You’ll only be charged once your customer pays the invoice.

Powered by Stripe

Zervant’s online payments feature is provided by Stripe, one of the market leaders in online payments, and trusted by companies such as Facebook, Pinterest and Unicef.

Triple the speed of your payments

Check out our video and learn how enabling Online Payments speeds up payments!

1. Activate online payments

It only takes a few minutes to start accepting online payments with Zervant. This feature is provided by Stripe, so you will also need to create an account there before getting started. Just follow the instructions provided in Zervant, or read this article on how to get started.

2. Your customer can pay with a credit card

Your customer can now pay the invoice via credit card, at no extra cost to them. The transaction fee for you is only 1.9% of the invoice value + a flat €0.25 fee (for cards issued in Europe). Read this article to learn more about the pricing.

3. You get paid!

The invoice will be marked as paid automatically in Zervant for you. You’ll also be able to keep track of costs by checking the “invoice history” in Zervant. It’s as simple as that!

Delight your customer and get paid faster

With Zervant's online payments feature a "Pay now" button will be added to your invoice. By making it easier for your customer to pay the invoice, you’ll also ensure you get your money as quickly as possible. And by connecting to Stripe’s online payment account, your receivables will be transferred to your bank account automatically.