Zervant covers all sending options

By using Zervant, you can send your invoices via e-mail, by post or as an e-invoice. All your invoices are visible in one central place, regardless of how you send them!


Our free invoicing software allows you to either print or e-mail invoices to your customers, along with a personalised message.

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Paper invoice

Forget about the hassle of printing invoices, buying stamps, printing addresses on envelopes and trips to the post office. With a simple click, we take care of everything.

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Do you have public sector or corporate customers who are requesting e-invoices? With one click, you can send e-invoices directly from Zervant.

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Send your invoices to your customers quickly and conveniently. With our free invoicing software, you can send an unlimited amount of emails and include  a personal note for your customers.

Additionally, you have the possibility to add an online payment option to your email invoices, allowing your customers to pay effortlessly from the invoice by using their debit or credit card. Read more about online payments here.

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Do you have customers who prefer to receive their invoices as good old paper invoices? Don’t worry – you can also do that with Zervant. Simply create your invoice, and instead of selecting email or e-invoice as the sending option, choose ”send by post”. We’ll then make sure the invoice is sent by post. We take care of the printing, envelopes and postage for you. All you need to add is the address of the recipient to the invoice details.

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More and more public organisations and large corporations are asking for e-invoices from their suppliers. As well as that, as of 2018 countries such as Germany are joining a group of countries enforcing e-invoicing as the primary invoicing method in the public sector.

If your customers have asked you to send them e-invoices, don’t worry! Zervant can help here too.

With our premium plans you can choose to send either paper or e-invoices as part of your monthly quota. Just add the recipient details to the invoice and select the appropriate sending method.

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