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A New Home For Zervant

Zervant was acquired by Ageras Group.

Ageras Group was founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneurs Rico Andersen (right) and Martin Hegelund, who between them have 25 years of experience in building internet companies.

Starting out as an online marketplace,, the group is now comprised of a number of brands who produce stellar tools for small businesses with the vision to enable success for business owners by simplifying their administration.

Ageras Group’s solutions, including Zervant, have been used by more than 1 million small businesses across twelve countries – their approx. 250 employees are spread out across offices in the US and Europe.

The Ageras “cockpit” connects invoicing, accounting, banking services, payroll, financing and CRM, enabling business owners to focus on running their business.

After acquiring accounting software Billy and Tellow, as well as payroll software Salary, Ageras Group has became the new home for Zervant – paving the way for a collaborative, brighter future.

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The Story So Far

Zervant was founded in 2010 by long-time friends, Tuukka Koskinen and Mattias Hansson. After 5 years living in France, Tuukka witnessed the microbusiness revolution and founded Zervant on his return to Finland.

The founders set out to create a digital servant to assist entrepreneurs to get paid faster for their work – Zervant was born – an intuitive and powerful invoicing solution tailor made for small business owners.

Now, Zervant employs around 40 highly-skilled, hard-working and enthusiastic individuals. Zervant operates in 6 different languages across many different markets and has more than 700,000 registered users across Europe alone. 

Mattias Hansson, co-founder and CEO of Zervant:

“…too many (small companies) fail simply because they don’t have their admin under control. Traditionally this has been a huge hassle, which has led to many broken dreams – so we wanted to change that. That is what we have done with Zervant: making sure business owners actually get paid,”

We’re As Strong As Ever

We might be moving to a new ownership but the Zervant team is here to stay. If you have any concerns or questions about our acquisition by Ageras Group, fear not. Our service will continue as normal, if not supercharged by this exciting new partnership!

If you want to reach out to discuss media opportunities about the acquisition, please get in touch with our team. Otherwise, you can find the press kit here or contact one of us directly using the email address below.


New Family, Still The Same Great Tool

Zervant might be part of something bigger, but that doesn't mean we'll change how we do things. Start using Zervant today and see why we're still here after 11 years.