Payment Schedules

Manage your cash flow by choosing how and when you get paid.


Make a Positive Impact on Your Cash Flow

Start getting paid by your terms with breaking your invoices down by setting custom payment schedules or invoicing simple down payments.

Simple Down Payments

Manage your cash flow by asking your customer for a down payment.

Schedule Payments

Keep your cash flow stable by getting paid in several instalments.

Down Payments

Requesting a down payment is a great way to secure your customer’s commitment to pay in full. It also makes managing your cash flow easier!

Add a down payment request to any invoice

Split down payments and invoices into separate invoices

Payment Schedules

If you like to get paid based on project milestones, or if you just want to offer your customers a more flexible way of paying, payment schedules are the solution!

 Select how many instalments and when the invoices should be paid

 Set a schedule on a single invoice or split it across several invoices 

Small business guide to late

Manage Your Cash Flow by Accepting Card Payments

We’ve found out, that by accepting card payments online, you can reduce payment times significantly! When you invoice with Zervant, you can select to accept card payments. This way, your customers can directly pay your invoices with a credit or debit card.