What does payment reconciliation mean?

Payment reconciliation is a bookkeeping process which cross-checks your external banking and internal records to ensure finances are correct. In layman’s terms, your bank statements are checked against your invoices to make sure everything lines up. Think of this as bank account integration.

By integrating your bank account with Zervant, you can easily check incoming payments against outstanding invoices.

Payment reconciliation Zervant


Zervant and Mastercard

Bank integration with the help of Mastercard

Zervant has partnered with Mastercard in order to provide our customers with a secure and reliable service.

Make the most of payment reconciliation today with one of our Premium plans.

What are the benefits of payment reconciliation?

Payment reconciliation benefit - Automation

It’s faster to update the payment status of your invoices.

Payment reconciliation benefit - All-in-one

In one view you can see which invoices are paid and how much you’re still owed.

Payment reconciliation benefit - Accounting

Reports are automatically updated and ready to be sent to your accountant.


Payment reconciliation process in Zervant

How does reconciliation work in Zervant?

1. Integrate your bank with your Zervant account – it’ll only take a few clicks and information is securely encrypted.

2. When a customer pays your invoice, you can see that transaction from within your Zervant account.

3. Our software compares the transaction information (usually a reference number) with your invoices to find a match. Voila! Your invoices can be marked as paid.

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