Totti Nyberg – the tools must suit the entrepreneur’s needs

I learned the hard way that accounting tasks need to be handled promptly

Totti Nyberg is not only the CCO of the Finnish brand Makia Clothing brand, but also an entrepreneur. When running his own business, smooth invoicing is the most important thing for him. Zervant is the invoicing company of choice for Nyberg’s company based on his own experience and  recommendations from other entrepreneurs.

The search for freedom led Totti Nyberg to become an entrepreneur and consultant four years ago.

‘The freedom has been quite surprising: I am not accountable to anyone other than myself and the tax office’, Nyberg says and laughs. The bigger surprise, however, is the amount of work you have to do to reap the rewards at the end of the day. Nevertheless, Nyberg feels he has chosen the correct path.

‘Becoming an entrepreneur was the right decision and I’m really happy with every aspect of my life. The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that I can manage my own time and decide when and where I work’.

Nyberg selects projects according to the following formula: 90 percent of the projects pay the bills and the rest are ones that are not necessarily profitable at the moment but may turn into something profitable in the long run. ‘I take on projects I like and I know will keep my cash flow constant. I prefer to do a few projects very well rather than taking on too many projects that I can’t handle as well as I’d like’.

Nyberg is an entrepreneur as well as the CCO of the Finnish Makia Clothing brand. He has been involved in the company since the beginning. Spiritually, Nyberg says he is an entrepreneur 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

‘I think about work all the time and it’s fine as I like my work and thinking about work in the evenings, for example, doesn’t cause me extra stress. However, from time to time it’s good to take a proper break from work’. For Nyberg, the best way to balance work is to spend time outdoors with his wife, two children, and dog.

‘When I go for a walk with my family, I focus on talking with my children and wife, instead of making work-related phone calls. Even though business trips are tiring, they allow you to get away from work and the everyday hustle and bustle. During business trips, you can often find the time to spend in your hotel room or have a meal with friends in the evening. Sometimes they even feel like a short holiday’.

For Nyberg, who travels a lot for work, it’s important that invoicing can be handled conveniently anywhere in the world. ‘I’ve learned the hard way that financial statements, invoices, and all the so-called boring accounting-related tasks need to be handled in a timely manner.’ He learned this during his first few years at Makia. ‘We had lots of problems with billing and accounts. When I became an entrepreneur and consultant, they were the first things I wanted to put in order’.

Nyberg was only concerned with where he could find a simple invoicing software. ‘I had seen how cumbersome and complicated programs that were used in big companies could be’.

Social media proved useful in finding a simple and well-functioning invoice creator. ‘I asked my friends on Facebook to recommend a good invoicing software. I received 20 responses, of which 18 recommended Zervant. All testimonials came from small business owners, so I thought it would suit me as well’.

The Finnish company’s invoice creator has been used by Nyberg ever since. ‘I’m not a technology-minded whizz-kid, and accounting and financial matters have never been my strengths, but Zervant is an easy-to-use and simple enough software for me’.

Nyberg says that the most useful thing about Zervant is the ease of invoicing. ‘If my accountant or client needs an invoice quickly, I can take care of the invoicing in 5 minutes, even while on the metro or at the airport’.

He has a clear message for entrepreneurs: invoicing is not difficult when it is well-managed and you have the right tools to do it.

‘Even though I’m a sales-driven guy, I can handle financial matters well, because I have the right tools’.

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