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Wales Most Scenic Co-working Spots

The rise in popularity of coworking spaces over the last few years means that there are now fantastic spots all over the UK for freelancers to work from. But of course, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so much on offer. With this in mind we’ve asked our friends over at indycube to put together a list of some of their favourite spots, focusing on Wales.

Freelancing can take you up and down the country on various expeditions. While some independent workers travel for business, others may choose to spend a day of their holiday time wrapping up some pressing last-minute tasks. Others still may seek out exciting and interesting places to work, and where better when rambling than the Celtic landscape of Wales?

Alongside its rugged coastline and mountainous national parks, Wales was also the country to launch coworking network indycube. So, whether you’re travelling for work, leisure, or both, we’ve put together a handy guide of Wales’ top 5 hidden gems when it comes to exploring and coworking – we think the two go hand in hand!

TYF Adventure, St Davids

This coworking space is located in the TYF Adventure building in Britain’s smallest city, St Davids! Described in the Mabinogi as gwlad hud a lledrith – ‘land of mystery and enchantment’, the ancient landscape of Pembrokeshire has a myriad of extraordinary tales to tell. St Davids is recognised for its stunning coastline and is home to St Davids Cathedral. From boat tours to water sports, museums and nature reserves, St Davids is a gorgeous National Park in the SouthWest of Wales and a stellar place to work.

Utilising the workspace in TYF is a must for thrill-seekers – TYF provides a bustling office space, alive with outdoor pursuit instructors dropping in sporadically for only the most essential admin work, before heading out again to go coasteering, canoeing, surfing, rock climbing or whatever other adventure is on offer. A great place to combine holiday and work, if the latter is unavoidable.

Business Hub, Aberystwyth

With attractions like the National Library of Wales, Constitution Hill and Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth is a popular holiday destination, particularly in Summer. On warm days you can see a pod of dolphins chasing shrimp around the coastline, just a whisper away from this coworking space on Bridge Street. Aberystwyth Business Hub is directly opposite Yr Hen Llew Ddu, which serves up a mouthwatering chicken curry and chips, so you certainly won’t go hungry.

If you’re looking for more active adventure, head to Devil’s Bridge. High in the mountains of Aberystwyth you’ll find an old village where an ancient bridge crosses a deep gorge – local folklore says that it was built by the Devil himself!

The Creative Common, Haverfordwest

Another spot in Pembrokeshire, this coworking space is a wonderful combination of coffee shop and collaborative energy. The Creative Common provides a coworking space and coffee shop for those who want both the productive atmosphere and the relaxed buzz of local culture. Tucked away in a quiet corner of Haverfordwest, set up in the Old Coach House on top of town, you’ll find this very special coffee shop serving up their own unique blend of coffee beans, organic Welsh milk and lovingly crafted cakes. Downstairs, the energetic hum of the cafe, and above that, a coworking area with everything you need.

Cardiff Market, St Mary Street

The Welsh capital, Cardiff, is a refined coastal city with great nightlife and a medieval castle with ornate Gothic Revival interiors. If you’re a freelancer or remote worker in Wales, it’s likely you’ll take a trip to Cardiff at one point or another. Indycube coworking above Cardiff Indoor Market is a great spot to get a bit of work done. Views of shoppers, commuters and travellers bustling along St Mary Street down below are always enjoyable, not to mention the plethora of restaurants and shops across the city. Head to the arcades for the best independent cafes and eateries – we recommend Barker’s Tea Room!

St Line House, Cardiff Bay

Half an hour away from the City Centre is Cardiff Bay, home to the Wales Millennium Centre, the National Assembly Building, the Norwegian Church and Roald Dahl Plass. For fans of Dr Who, there’s the Dr Who Exhibit, as well as the Torchwood shrine on the peer and regular boat trips across the Bay. In Summer, the centre of the Bay becomes a man-made beach complete with stalls, rides and pools – so you can keep your family entertained while you get on with a spot of work. If you want to meet friends on your lunch hour, we highly recommend The Deck for the best cupcakes you’ll ever taste.

Mari Ellis Dunning is the content writer at indycube, providers of coworking spaces and community membership for freelancers and independent workers across the UK.

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