Slush 2018

This week we were at Slush. On 4th and 5th December, we joined one of the biggest startup- and tech-conferences in the world, right here in Helsinki. We’d like to share our impressions and some highlights with you, enjoy!

Knights of Slush opening party

Tuesday, 4.12. at 9:20 – the early bird catches the worm

Our designer and product manager in search of good ideas

Fintechs and Big Banks: Clashing Cultures or a Winning Mixture?

Opening keynote by Antti Maunula, Head of Digital & Strategy, BearingPoint Finland

We are pretty advanced in detecting the hardest problems of our planet, and luckily, we also have a rapidly increasing amount operators driving the change but what is there to improve to actually make a difference and changing the way we live, consume and make everyday decisions. All of this was covered by André Heinz, Venture Partner at Obvious Ventures, Anna Ryott, Chair of Summa Equity & Member of board at Norrsken Foundation and Zachariah George, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Startup bootcamp Africa.

It’s getting more and more crowded on Tuesday afternoon

Building World-Class Consumer Tech Products

Roseanne Wincek, Antoine Nussenbaum, Jenny Gyllander

VSCO was founded by Joel Flory and Greg Lutze, two driven people that combined their individual passions towards tech and photography to build a tool that helps you realize your creative potential. VSCO’s story is especially interesting as the company’s early bootstrapping strategy lead to organic growth, and to date more than one billion images have been created using their tool. Onstage at Slush Joel shared how he learned along the way that before growing your company you need to be able to scale yourself.

Slush day 2 is starting

Lack of trust is at its all-time low in sales and marketing, which is especially difficult for start-ups, quoted by Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot, It has never been easier to start up a company. However, it’s very had to scale as there’s so much competition. Your UX needs to be 10x better than from the competition. The power of buying is at the buyer. The buyer can source information online, rate products online, and connect with whomever online. Companies spend a lot of time around their product. You should think about your company culture in the same way as employees have more and more power over management than before. If you want to scale from start-up to growth, you need to hire like crazy. And culture is the magnet to attract them. Diversity and transparency!

Brian Halligan: spent the first night in Finland at Löyly having sauna and dipping into Baltic sea.

Learning from the French School ’42’

Ilkka Paananen CEO of Supercell – Anyone can join, there are no teachers, no books, just coding tasks that you do together. Now Supercell launches the same kind of school in Helsinki called Hive. A non-profit organisation will govern the school and it opens in Aug 2019. For Supercell this is a philanthropic event. Linda Liukas, the author of Hello Ruby, will be the Chairwoman of this school.

Differences in running a business in the US vs Nordics

Thomas Walle, CEO of Unacast

How to turn ideas into products

Tiina Nieminen, Head of Product Management at Varjo

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