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Send Invoices by Post at the Click of a Button!

With Zervant you’ll soon be able to send invoices in the post. And we don’t mean printing them out yourself, buying an envelope, and popping down the Post Office. We literally mean at the click of a button, from the comfort of your own home!

Wait, does anyone still send paper invoices?

In 2018 life is pretty much 100% online. Research shows we spend, on average, two and a half hours a day glued to our phones. Charging points and good wi-fi are almost on a par with food and water as basic human needs.

This digital shift also applies to invoicing. Entrepreneurs are actually moving away from paper, and increasingly toward email or e-invoicing. But the change isn’t wholesale (yet). Certain industries are still lagging behind in the digital revolution.

Take a look at this chart from McKinsey that compares digitalisation across different industries.

Digitalisation in the UK – Graph
There’s a lot of green (highly digital), but also a lot of red (little or no digitalisation). Take construction, for example, an industry that accounts for 20% of all UK SMEs. Everything is still done offline, including the invoicing.

Time is money (but money is also money)

Even if your business is digital, is not a given your customer is. And when it comes to getting paid on time, if they prefer paper over pixels, you’ll need to invoice them in the format they request. But fear not! We’ll soon be launching a service that lets you do this at the click of a button.

When creating an invoice all you’ll need to do is select the « send by post » option. We’ll take care of the rest – printing out and sending your invoice via our delivery partner. And as well as saving you time we’ll also save you money (our service is cheaper than traditional snail mail).

This will be one of our new Premium features, but creating and sending invoices by email will still be 100% free. Think of this as an optional extra, should you need it.

How to get started

We hope you’re as excited about this feature as we are. If you’re keen to try it out  then stay tuned! We’ll be launching it live in the next few weeks. Follow our blog and Help Centre for the latest updates.

Serve your customers even better!

Our premium plans are all designed to make your invoice more effective, and help you serve your customers better. You can try them all with a 14 day free trial.

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