Men VS Women in Entrepreneurship

Gender Difference In Entrepreneurship | An Infographic

This infographic brings together information and statistics about the differences between men and women in the world of entrepreneurship. What are the main differences when it comes to the way men and women run their own businesses. You should also check out our other infographic on the work-life balance of entrepreneurs.

Our data is based on numbers from Sweden, and all the sources are listed at the end. The infographic covers the topic of gender equality, the gender pay gap, female and male entrepreneurship, as well as other facts too.

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Gender equality and the differences between men and women are commonly discussed topics in today’s society. All over the world feminism is mentioned in one way or another and everyone has, whether intentionally or otherwise, an opinion on the subject. Some believe that men and women are different by nature (which we all know is correct to some extent) and hence believe that feminism is not needed. Others will argue that gender equality is an important issue and we still have a long way to go (even in Sweden which is considered to be one of the most gender equal countries in the world).

However, being a company that offers invoicing and accounting software, we were interested in the differences between genders when it comes to entrepreneurship. We wanted to look into facts about men and women in entrepreneurship, to discover what potential differences exist between the female entrepreneurs and the male entrepreneurs.

So what did we discover? What differences could be found among men and women running their own businesses?

Well, all of them are presented above. A quick look will tell you that there are indeed gender differences in the world of entrepreneurship! We pulled together all the facts and differences that we found to be the most interesting, and presented them in the infographic above. The most obvious fact one might think when looking at all of them, is that there are more male entrepreneurs than female ones. But could you have guessed that the difference translates to 7 out of every 10 entrepreneurs being male?

Another interesting discovery is the fact that the gender pay gap is way smaller among smaller companies than in bigger organisations. Which is great news for promoting smaller businesses.