Zervant’s Long-term Investment Into Company Culture Is Paying Off

In 2010, Zervant set out on a mission to make entrepreneurs’ lives easier with a simple invoicing solution. Today, Zervant employs around 40 talented individuals from all around the world and the invoicing software is available in 9 countries in Europe.

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Zervant Values Understanding Their Employees

Zervant received its first Future Workplaces recognition in the autumn of 2020 for building a goal-oriented company culture. Zervant sent out the Siqni personnel survey for the first time in 2016 and ever since then have concentrated on developing the things which matter most to employees.

As an international startup, Zervant has gone through all of the expected growing pains as the business developed and the size of the personnel increased. One thing which has always been apparent at Zervant – nurturing and building an great company culture has been pivotal in driving the success of the company and the ambition and performance of the employees.

“We are especially proud that we have been able to develop our culture every year by being genuinely interested to find out what is most important to our employees. Siqni has been a crucial tool for this purpose.”

Pauliina Kivimäki, Head of People at Zervant

Investing in Clear Objectives and Independent Working Has Been Important

Zervant scores exceptionally high in employee experience – not solely because employees are listened to, but because they are also guided by clear set of objectives. Zervant successfully employs the ‘OKR’ model (Objectives and Key Results), to bring clarity and transparency to the internal company operations. It helps people to see the role they are playing in the story of the company and also the goals of other teams.

Another important contributor in creating an excellent employee experience is the freedom given to employees. The Siqni results show that the employees are very happy with their freedom at work and their chances to affect their work assignments.

“I have the chance to decide what and how we do things related to my own responsibility area, which gives endless possibilities to develop my own role.”

A Zervant employee

Company Culture Is Never Complete

Zervant will continue the developing work to ensure that the enthusiasm and development of the employees stays on an excellent level. The next step is to clarify the big picture and future aims of the business to make sure all employees have a clear image in their mind about the direction Zervant is headed. Furthermore, every team will discuss the Siqni survey results and deliberate how the everyday life of the team could be developed.

“It is important to find company level development points but also to go to team and individual levels to get all benefits out of the Siqni survey.”

Pauliina Kivimäki, Head of People at Zervant

Zervant was awarded the Future Workplaces certificate by The Siqnificant Company in September 2020. The certificate is earned when a workplace has been managed with an exceptionally good employee understanding.

Zervant is committed to deepen that understanding for the better of its employees.

This post was first written by Mikko Koskinen and published in Finnish on the Future Workplaces blog on 21 December 2020. Since then Zervant has received the Future Workplaces award again in 2021.