Zervant Invests In Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility resonates with Finnish companies. This has also been noticed by Upright, a company researching corporate responsibility, which has explored the net impact of dozens of Finnish companies on the world. The Finnish growth company Zervant, one of Europe’s largest providers of invoicing software, has now joined the Upright project.

Zervant’s decision to join the Upright project came easily because the company wanted to set an example for other startups and growth companies.

“It is great for us to model the impact of our operations and encourage other growth companies to do the same,” says Mattias Hansson, CEO and Co-Founder of Zervant.

Annu Nieminen, the founder and CEO of Upright, is excited that dozens of companies of different sizes have already joined the Finnish project on corporate responsibility.

“We are pleased that Zervant and many other companies are becoming more and more interested in fact-based measurement of the net value creation of their core business,” Nieminen says.

“We believe that pioneers can, with the right indicators, steer their companies so that they create a strong competitive edge,” says Nieminen.

According to Hansson, however, companies should not focus solely on growth-oriented thinking, but also invest more in corporate responsibility.

“Commitment to corporate responsibility is important to me and my co-workers at Zervant. We cannot help but wonder what kind of world we’re leaving behind for our children.”

Finland – a forerunner of corporate responsibility

The net impact analysis developed by Upright is based on Artificial Intelligence, which reviews tens of millions of scientific articles and explores the net impact of corporate operations on the world. The analysis can even determine how much disease companies are causing. You can read more about the net impact analysis model here.

“We reach hundreds of thousands of businesses in Europe, so it is interesting to see how small businesses can interact with society and the environment,” Hansson says.

One of Upright’s main goals is to make Finland a forerunner in terms of corporate responsibility. Zervant also wanted to play a role in achieving this goal.

“The scoring we receive from Upright will be the basis for the next steps in our corporate responsibility work,” explains Hansson.

With Upright, not only businesses but also investors who are interested in them get more information about companies.

“As a growth company, it is also valuable to us that Upright provides venture capitalists with more information about us to support their decision. In the future, responsibility will certainly play an increasingly important role in investment decisions,” says Hansson.

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Anni Kangasniemi
Head of Customer Success, Zervant

Zervant in brief: The Finnish company Zervant was founded in 2010. The company has developed an invoicing software that is aimed specifically at small entrepreneurs. Currently, Zervant’s main market areas are Finland, Sweden, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. In France, Zervant is the market leader in invoicing software.

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Upright in brief: Upright, a company dedicated to corporate responsibility, was launched in the autumn of 2017. Upright aims to explore the net impact of companies on the world. Dozens of companies have already joined.