Last-minute presents for entrepreneurs

In a couple of days it’s Christmas, and like every year it came as a surprise again! Despite our tips for a more relaxed Christmas time, your last weeks might have been pretty busy. And regardless of your plans, you might have forgotten to buy all your presents. If you have friends or family that are also entrepreneurs, we have good news for you – we’ve created a list with last minute presents perfect for entrepreneurs, that you could even get on December 24th in a large supermarket.

Never forget anything again

Life as an entrepreneur can be pretty stressful at times and full tasks – both large and small. It’s no wonder then that entrepreneurs tend to forget things every now and again. As such, the perfect gift for (somewhat) forgetful people is a notebook together with a nice pen. It may sound a bit old-school in the age of smartphones and calendar apps, but quite often the act of writing something down by hand helps in remembering it. Nicely wrapped up, this gift will surely make any entrepreneur friend of yours happy.

Recharge your batteries

Most of us aren’t exactly morning people. This also applies to entrepreneurs. To add to this, during a fully-packed working day, your energy level can sometimes drop close to zero. This present is exactly meant for these situations – get a nice box or basket, a handful of energy bars, a pack of good coffee and maybe one or two cans of energy drink. Together with a card labelled ‘Recharge your batteries’, this will make a nice present for that friend of yours who always seems a bit worn out.

Give the gift of knowledge

Living is leaning. As an entrepreneur, it is important to keep learning new things and keep up with the competition. With full working weeks, it might be very hard or even impossible to find the time to do evening courses or longer workshops. The solution to this are online courses. There are numerous providers of courses that also offer gift vouchers to download and print, for example Udemy or Masterclass.

More time for yourself

Time is not only valuable for entrepreneurs. With a full schedule and overtime, all too often there isn’t that much time left for yourself. With this in mind, it is even more important to get the most out of your work-free days and hours. A great present for workaholics is quality ‘me-time’, for example in the form of a cinema voucher, a relaxing massage or a ticket for a spa day. Include a nice, personal message alongside to explain that you’re giving quality time instead of socks this year – and you’re good to go with this gift!

Support your local companies

It can be pretty hard for small companies to compete against the big, global players like Amazon. Therefore, why not would give your entrepreneur friend the opportunity to support their local community as a present? Take a look around their local area for any small stores where you can still get a gift voucher or a little something just before they close for the holidays. With this present, you not only make your friend happy, you also support other local entrepreneurs!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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