Free Timesheet for Freelancers and Contractors

Free Timesheet for Freelancers and Contractors

Zervant has made this free timesheet to help you keep track of all the hours you work. It comes in Excel, and has options for tracking daily, weekly and monthly hours. Ideal for freelancers and contractors that need to invoice clients for hours worked (which is even easier if you use invoicing software!).

Download Your Free Timesheet

Click on the link below to download your free timesheet. It has two tabs, one which will allow you to log hours worked on a weekly basis, and another on a monthly basis.

Free Timesheet for Freelancers and Contractors

                    Download Free Timesheet

It’s also worth checking out the “Free Tools” section on our blog. We’ve got invoice templates, a mileage log, a stock take tool, and plenty more. Best of all, it won’t cost you a penny. They’re all free!

Timesheet Instructions

In the top left there is a grey box that contains the key information about you and your client. Add your name and/ or company, the week or month the timesheet relates to, as well as who the work was done for (company and/ or contact person).

For the weekly timesheet add the time you started and when you finished, both in the HH:MM format. If needed, you can include any breaks, all of which go under the “lunch” section). Enter this as a number eg. one and a half hours would be 1.5 in the timesheet.

Timesheet Example

Based on this information the timesheet will automatically calculate the number of hours you worked that day. It will also provide a total for the week. When completed give it to your customer to sign and date it.

You’re now ready to invoice!

Working on a Monthly Basis?

The second tab allows you log work for an entire month, on a week by week basis. It works exactly the same as above, only it contains a little more information:

Timesheet for Monthly Work

Need to Print?

When your timesheet is filled in, print it out and give it to your client. Conveniently, both versions fit perfectly onto one side of A4. It’s also easy to save as an attachment to an email.

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