5 time-saving (and free) browser extensions that will boost your productivity

Running your own business often requires spending hours in front of a computer. If writing emails to customers, sending invoices for completed projects or simply using the internet for research or client work is part of your daily routine, we think you’ll benefit from a little helper known as the browser extension.

What are browser extensions?

In a nutshell, browser extensions extend your web browser with additional features. These can be integrations to other services, extended functionalities or simple tools that modify web pages to your advantage. Most of them are free and many of them are a secret weapon to increased productivity and smarter time management.

Here are our top 5 browser extensions that will put an end to time wasting and procrastination:

1. I don’t care about Cookies

While the protection of data and privacy is something every website and online service provider should take seriously (we certainly do at Zervant!), an endless flood of cookie warnings is simply annoying. The browser extension “I don’t care about Cookies” will automatically remove cookie warnings for you and thus save you time and frustration with endless pop-ups.

2. The Great Suspender

You’re facing a tight deadline for a client project. It feels like time’s flying and your computer is getting slower by the minute. If you’re one of those people who always have a hundred browser tabs open at the same time, you might want to consider adding “The Great Suspender” extension. This little helper will automatically suspend tabs that you haven’t used in a while, thus freeing up working memory and making your laptop faster again.

3. Google Translate

Chances are high that you’ve used Google Translate for translation work before, but have you tried their ingenious browser extension? It allows you to translate entire websites into over 100 languages at the click of a button. Instead of copy-pasting words and phrases to the online translator’s website, you can simply highlight the passages you want in your language of choice. This is a true time saver!

4. RescueTime

Help! It’s already late afternoon, you still have a ton of things to do and no idea where the time went? If you depend on using the internet for your work, RescueTime will let you know what you’re spending your precious hours on. It assesses your productivity level based on the types of websites you visit and gives tips on how to spend your internet time more wisely.

5. Time is Money

You can’t get back time you’ve spent making money, but you can make smarter decisions on how you spend your hard earned cash. If you like to shop online, consider installing “Time is money”. It automatically converts prices into hours of work. This makes abstract price tags more tangible and reminds you how many hours you had to work to purchase that item or service.

Time is indeed money, especially if you charge your clients by the hour. If you want to make sure you never forget to invoice your work, we’ve got a bonus tip for you:

Time tracking with Zervant’s invoicing software

We offer plenty of time-saving features in our invoicing software. Our newest addition is integrated time tracking that allows you to add tracked project hours to any invoice with just one click. It helps you to keep track of all your invoiced and uninvoiced tasks and makes sure all your working time is accounted for.

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