Time Tracking

Time is money. Tracked time is faster money.

Having an accurate overview of how much time you work is the key to understanding your productivity and profitability. Essentially, it allows you to spot unbilled hours in an instant and get paid for your work.

We’re excited to announce that with Zervant you’re now able to track and manage work you do for customers and turn it into an invoice at the click of a button. The time tracking feature is available to our Pro, Growth and Merchant premium plansubscribers.

Easy time tracking for busy entrepreneurs

We’re always striving to improve our software with features that will help entrepreneurs get paid faster for their work. We figured that tracking time is such a central part of many of our customers’ days, and so it made perfect sense to add this productivity booster to our invoicing software.

Turn tracked project hours into invoices – with just one click

Maybe you collect your working hours in an Excel file, or you use an online calendar? Or you might even pay for a separate tracking tool. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, retyping these working hours for your invoicing needs will cost you time. Not to mention the possibility of human error – hey, typos happen to the best of us.

With Zervant there really is no easier way to invoice project work than by simply selecting tracked hours in your time tracking overview, then transferring them to a new invoice. Done and done!

Provide clear, accurate invoices to your customers

Have you ever been unsure about how many hours you actually worked for a client and simply provided them with a ballpark estimate? Frankly, this is neither fair to you nor to your customers. That’s why we recommend tracking working hours as soon as they happen, so you have all the information at hand. Your customers will love the transparency!

Never forget to invoice for your work

When you work with multiple clients at the same time, it’s easy to lose sight of what work you did when, and for who. Some of your clients might proactively ask about that outstanding invoice they haven’t received from you yet. Others, well… they might be quiet about it. Don’t let that happen to you!

With the new time tracker in Zervant you’ll get a comprehensive overview of time worked, projects that have been invoiced, and outstanding balances ready to be invoiced.

Read more about time tracking in Zervant. And do remember that although this is a paid feature you can, of course, still manually add project work to your invoices and send them via email for free.

Use Zervant for time tracking!

Track and manage work you do for customers and turn it into an invoice at the click of a button.

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