is Entrepreneurship Bad for your Health?

The Entrepreneur’s Work-Life Balance | An Infographic

Entrepreneurship can rapidly become overwhelming if a healthy work-life balance is not maintained. Therefore, keeping a harmonious lifestyle is essential for entrepreneurs. Our infographic shows how to maintain a good work-life balance for entrepreneurs.

Jack Dorsey is somewhat of a model entrepreneur. He’s the brains behind Twitter AND Square. Not one, but two hugely successful businesses. All that and he only works eight hours a day.

Well, eight hours a day at EACH COMPANY!!

For many entrepreneurs, working 8 hours of the day is simply not enough to achieve their goals. Consequently, to follow their dreams many entrepreneurs have to work up to 16 hours a day, à la Dorsey. But at what cost?

In this infographic, we gathered various statistics about entrepreneurs and how entrepreneurship impacts their health and well-being in general. We gathered statistics about the following: 

  • Number of weekly working hours
  • Holidays and annual leave
  • Working time
  • The physical and mental well-being of entrepreneurs

Besides, the infographic includes insights about the cause and effect of stress as well as tips to cope with stress and increase the well-being of entrepreneurs. 

Work-Life Balance for Entrepreneurs Infographic

work-life balance for entrepreneurs


We read through a lot of information to put this infographic about work-life balance for entrepreneurs. Some really useful and interesting, some less so. But we thought it would be handy to list all the sources we cited in our infographic, should you want to read up on them.

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