Customer Story – R&K Renovations

R&K Renovations are a Finnish company based just outside Cannes, on the French Riviera. They specialise in construction projects, specifically renovation work. And of course, being Scandinavian, their flagship offering is installing saunas! We take a look at their customer story.

The Business

Ever since they first started in 1987, R&K’s main trade has always been in construction. They’ve worked on building projects all over Europe, and decided it was time to start their own business in 2011.

They now offer a wide range of services, from wooden and stone building work to plumbing, not forgetting sauna and fireplace installation (these can either be made-to-measure or prefabricated). The business has extensive international experience, with clients all over Europe, and offer their services in French, English, Finnish and Swedish.

Depending on how busy they are, workers may be split into two teams working simultaneously on different projects on different sites, or they may all be working together on a bigger project. Sometimes the teams are even spread across three countries!



In order to succeed in this type of business you need to always stay informed about new techniques, what materials to use, and also adapt to new environments. But R&K are happy to take on the challenge. Even during the recent economic slowdown they managed to continue to grow, thanks largely to a combined team effort.

« Whatever the challenge, co-operation is the key to success.

Being an entrepreneur comes with its fair share of risks and responsibilities. But R&K also manage to steer a steady course here, and they explain that by managing your business thoroughly and with restraint you can avoid most problems. They add that hard work and constant innovation also help turn your dreams into reality.

« Always be honest and trustworthy. Know your strengths, but also know your limits.

R&K Renovations - Customer Story


R&K also told us about their thoughts on their favourite online invoicing software provider.

With sites all over Europe, Zervant is particularly well suited to their need to invoice in various different languages.

« Being able to send invoices in various different languages really adds a professional touch.

Being able to send invoices and create reports – all online and with just a few clicks – is largely why they’re so happy with the service.

The customer support is « unbeatable » according to R&K, always attentive, and Zervant is « determined to constantly improve the software in order to better serve their clients.

And when asked if they’d recommend Zervant to other businesses? « Absolutely! »

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