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Zervant and Speedledger Announce Accounting Partnership in Sweden

Finnish invoicing firm Zervant and Swedish accounting firm Speedledger are launching a new partnership together. It will let Zervant invoicing software’s customers in Sweden manage their accounting with Speedledger’s cloud based solution, thus offering users a quick and easy way to manage all business finances online.

This news follows on from a similar partnership Zervant announced last month for its Finnish users. These two partnerships reflect the firm’s increased focus on invoicing, which will soon include additional products to help entrepreneurs get paid faster.

It also reflects Zervant’s aim of offering users even better accounting solutions online. With SpeedLedger, Zervant customers will continue to benefit from an automated bookkeeping solution. In addition, SpeedLedger’s unique bank connection will result in less manual work and considerable time savings, thanks to smart and automatic bookkeeping suggestions.

Discussing the partnership Mattias Hansson, Zervant’s CEO, explained that “Our partnership with Speedledger will offer Zervant users in Sweden a great way to manage their accounting needs. As we focus our efforts on developing a portfolio of products centred around invoicing, we want to ensure our users also have an even better experience when it comes to managing their bookkeeping online”.

Speedledger CEO, Magnus Nilselid, added “We are happy to work with Zervant and are confident that all Zervant’s customers will get an outstanding customer experience with the combination of Zervant’s invoicing service and SpeedLedger’s automated bookkeeping service”.

You can find out more about Zervant by taking a look at our media page.

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