Sales for self employed – how to get started

Test your business plan early

Setting up a new business is both fun and hard work. The single most important task when starting as self employed is to find customers for your products and services. Foremost, you want to start generating revenue for your business as soon as possible. Another just as important benefit from engaging with new customers is that you’ll get feedback on the products, services and price levels that you offer.

Tell people about your business and ask for feedback

Utilize your existing personal networks of friends, colleagues, extended family, and even neighbors for a quick and cost effective sales start. Begin with your own email address book by sending your contacts a brief mail about your new career and business. If you feel comfortable you should definitely ask them for feedback or help such as new contacts, sales leads, or if they are interested in buying themselves.

Utilize social networks

Social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn offer additional great tools for this purpose as they remove barriers for sharing information with large networks. We believe you should kindly ask your personal contacts to further share your information within their own networks. Even if only a few people does this, the visibility of your business will grow exponentially when it happens.

Talk to people about your business and what you do whenever you have a possibility. Make sure you hand out business cards with your contact details when you meet people that don’t know you.

Get local visibility

If you run a local business there are additional ways to ensure it gets the required visibility in your community. Focus on simple things like handing out flyers about your business in local stores and other public places where you believe you can find potential customers.

Always remember to be proud of your new business! Showing confidence in what you do significantly increases your chances to find your first customers that are key to your future business success.

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