How to Take Control (Back) Over Your Company

Do you ever find you get overwhelmed with work? Are things happening that you seem to be unable to influence? Does it every now and then feel like your company is slipping out of your hands and you don’t really control it?

This might sound like a horrible scenario, but most entrepreneurs feel like this at one point or another. However, be assured that you’re not alone, and even more importantly, there’s no need to worry. Everyone gets overwhelmed from time to time. In the end, the feeling is (in most cases) much worse than the actual situation. Sit down, take a deep breath and have a cup of tea. Here’s a couple of tips on how to take back control over your business – and even more importantly – how to keep control over it.

Put an End to Disorganisation

Once you’ve been in business for a certain time, piles of papers and unnecessary clutter just seems to build up in your office or your workshop and make the whole place look messy. Visible disorganisation tends to be reflected by your mood as well.

The solution here is simple: clean up! It might seem like a lot of work, but it’s really worth completely cleaning up your workplace every now and then. Tidy your office up, get rid of those unused things, file your old paperwork and clean up your computer.

Better Times Start Today!

No matter how much mess you have dealt with so far – today things change for the better! Don’t postpone the change, start it today.

Start using an organised file system from now on, keep a clear structure on your computer, and (if you’re not doing this already) take professional software into use, especially for your invoicing. By doing this, you ensure that you have everything stored consistently in one place and will be able to find it whenever you need to.

I’ll Remember That… Or Not

You should always write important things down, even if it may seem inconvenient. It’s the only way for you to remember and keep track of everything. The best tools for this are notepads or a variety of different apps.

In circumstances like this, Zervant has the perfect solution: with our time tracking tool, you can easily track your work and project hours, and turn them straight into invoices with a few clicks. This feature is part of our Premium plans and ensures that you never again forget to invoice your work.

Trust is Good, Control is Better

Everyone makes mistakes and forgets things. This applies to other people, as well as to you. Therefore, you should check regularly that everything is done that needs to be done. Have you paid all your invoices? Did you forget a point from your to-do-list? By checking your work repeatedly, you not only make sure you’re less likely to forget anything – it also gives you a calm mind and lets you fully concentrate on your actual work.

Get Paid Faster and Easier

Incoming payments and cash flow are common problems that keep entrepreneurs awake at night. Quite often, this is also the cause for that certain feeling of helplessness, especially as you might think that you have no influence on your customers’ payment behaviour. You might not be able to change their payment habits, but your invoices are more likely to get paid if you take that extra step towards your customers.

Ask your customers up front if they’d like to receive the invoice by email, as a letter in the post or even as an e-invoice. Make paying your invoices as easy as possible, for example by offering them the ability to pay your invoices directly from your email with credit or debit card. Payment reminders help you to remind your customers about unpaid invoices. Zervant’s Premium plans offer all these features, plus a bunch of other great functions. You can try them out for free with a 14-day trial!

Get Help if You Need it

Sometimes cleaning, reorganising and double-checking doesn’t help. If you simply can’t get rid of the feeling of being stuck, you should never be afraid to ask for help. This could, for example, be an accountant that checks your finances, or a consultant or coach that helps you to find and implement the right processes that help you manage your business better. Needing help is not a bad thing and is a great opportunity to get a second opinion and gain valuable knowledge.

We wish you much success and are sure you’ll be able take and keep full control over your business!

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