How to cope with failure when nobody has ever taught you how to [VIDEO]

Chances are high that from an early age you’ve been told failure is something bad.

Things get worse when you go to school. You’re exposed to pressure on all sides: peers, teachers, parents, maybe even your grandparents! No matter where your interests or strengths lie, you’re “defined” by a single grade system. One that rewards results only.

Personal progress, how you’ve developed or the lessons you’ve learned along the way, are not evaluated. There is hardly any room for experimenting because avoiding mistakes becomes your number one task in order to get good grades. And getting good grades is all that matters if you want to make it in this world…

At least that’s what all the grown-ups tell you. Oh, and one more thing: Don’t fail.

We’re socially conditioned to see failure as something to be ashamed of. Most of us are scared of failure, of course. Putting ourselves out there, in a world full of internet trolls and “haters”, pouring your heart into a new project and simply going after your goals takes courage and determination.

Giving your everything and still not achieving what you’ve been working toward is, without doubt, an unpleasant feeling. And failure tends to be accompanied by its partner in crime: embarrassment.

We feel embarrassed because we think we’re different to everyone else. Everybody seems so poised, they have it all figured out, yet at the same time our own projects are falling apart. But the truth is that we’re all human and we’re not as different as we think.

Every human being on earth that has ever tried to do anything has failed at something.

Failure is one of those things that is omnipresent in life. Failure is as much a part of us humans as is success, passion or love.

We at Zervant wanted to learn more about failure. So we decided to interview 10 successful Finnish entrepreneurs to find out more about their own personal experience with failure in the world of entrepreneurship. You can find all the interviews here.

And if you’re short on time you can check this ‘best of’ compilation we put together. It covers the whole series, so you can be sure it’s jam-packed full of wisdom!

Last but not least here’s our own advice on failure: Accept that it happened, learn from it, let it go and move on to your next project.

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