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Gone in 30 Seconds! How to Create Invoices in Under a Minute

You’d be surprised at what happens in 30 seconds. Bill Gates earns about $7,500, your body creates 72 million red blood cells, and you can apparently make a cake. The White Stripes even managed to play a gig.

Equally impressive – and a lot more relevant to small business and entrepreneurs – is the fact that with Zervant’s free invoicing software you can create and send an invoice in under half a minute. Once you’ve set up your account hit start on the timer and follow these instructions:



On your Zervant account homepage click on the “invoices” tab in the top left, then on the green “create invoice” button.

Zervant - 30 Second Invoice



Select the relevant customer from your database by clicking on the drop-down menu. You can also add a new customer here, or import existing customer information.

Zervant's invoice editor



Add the products and/ or services you’re invoicing your customer for. Choose from your existing Zervant database, or import a list from elsewhere. To add another line on your invoice click the “add item” button. You can also adjust the quantity, unit, price and VAT as needed.

Online Invoicing



Click “next”, give your invoice one final check, and you’re done! You can send your invoice via email or download it as a PDF and print it out.

Send invoices with Zervant


You can follow the steps above to create estimates as well as invoices. You can send these out to prospective clients. They can be turned into invoices with the press of a button.

Why Not Invoice the Easy Way?

Use Zervant to create and send an unlimited number of invoices, for free! There’s no catches or hidden fees. Click below to get started.

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