The Meerkat Brain

How do you navigate the stress of being an entrepreneur? We talked to hypnotherapist and Zervant user Nikki Powell about the power of positive affirmations – and how to master our meerkat brain.

Customer Story – Hanna Silander

Our latest customer story comes from Hanna Silander – an entrepreneur who’s managed to turn her passion for baking and cake making into a successful business. One look at the mouth-watering photos of her work below, and you’ll be craving …

Customer Story – Alice Pittacolo

Alice is a young Italian photographer located in Helsinki. Her core business is to photograph babies. Could you think about a cooler job? We met Alice at her workshop and she told us about her, about her business, and gave us tips for wannabe entrepreneurs.

Customer Story – Pierre Tunger

Business consultant Pierre Tunger gives an insight into his work and talks about the sorts of challenges and opportunities entrepreneurs face. Pierre Tunger – Passionate About Numbers Zervant works with a whole host of successful entrepreneurs and this week we’d …