Zervant x Aalto Ventures Program

This spring has been all about collaborations at Zervant.

It all started in February when software development students from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences teamed up to build a time tracker for Zervant’s invoicing software. (Read more about our development collaboration with Metropolia UoAS here.) However, we didn’t only get a helping hand in our R&D department.

Aalto students supported Zervant’s marketing team

Our marketing team got support from Aalto students Dmytro Koval, Artur Erke and Aimane as well. The three of them enrolled in the course “Entrepreneurial Marketing”, organised by Aalto Venture Programs in Otaniemi, in which they were required to partner up with companies and work on real business challenges.

Matias Vahtola, marketing director at Zervant, explains how the project started:

“After our first meeting we realised that it might be really valuable to get an outsider’s perspective on our marketing methods and especially how our website converts visitors into signups. This is super important for any SaaS company.”

The project was decided, the intentions were good and expectations were high:

“We wanted to see if a pair of fresh eyes could find something that we might have missed. We were also keen to just get new insights and ideas that could benefit our marketing team. We’re highly data-driven here at Zervant, so we also shared view-rights to our web analytics platform in order for the students to see our marketing history data and how the site was performing. I think this helped them to make better recommendations”,

says Matias from Zervant.

Dmytro talks about the mixed feelings he had at the beginning:

“Truth be told, I was scared that we’re not skilled or smart enough to solve this problem, or that we would not find solutions. But you’ve got to push forward, learn more and work better. It was really exciting that we got access to Zervant’s Google Analytics account. I learned to use Google Analytics better – I’ve never used in such a way. It was nice to see how Zervant handles analytics data and also how they handle the challenge of getting more people to sign up.

Artur describes the challenges:

“The opportunity to work with a startup and produce real value for a company, unlike a research project, was great. However, the biggest challenge was definitely time management. All of us were busy at the beginning and working at different locations.”

The outcome was a comprehensive report that included findings and recommendations on how to improve our website landing pages, improve the conversion rates and acquisition tactics. The report is useful and contains some ideas that might be implemented as projects in the future.

How did the students find new opportunities to increase signup rates on Zervant’s website?

“We basically identified the pages that have most conversions and the highest traffic. We focused our efforts on what gives the most output, instead of proposing general changes to the website. Ultimately the document serves also as a guideline for tackling conversions problem.”,

explains Dmytro.

Artur describes the process and challenges during the project:

“I liked working with analytics. At the beginning you just have a hunch and it takes some time to find the specific data you need. However, the more I focused on a specific problem, the more I learned in the end. I really liked working with Zervant, the data and Google Analytics. I’m also going to use these tools in the future.”

Dmytro would have wanted to work even longer on this project:

“We did the best we could, but I wished we could have spend more time on this. In a perfect world I would have been around the office more often and asked more questions. We had to do a lot of guessing, but I guess that’s part of the learning experience.”

Matias from Zervant thanks Dymtro, Artur and Aimane for their work:

“It was a pleasure to work with Dmytro and his team. They understood our challenges and respected our timetable in this project. The students provided us with valuable insights and recommendations about our marketing activities, the website and how we could do things differently. The report from this project is great to have, now it’s up to us to choose which parts of it we want to execute in our work.”

Dmytro sums it up:

“The atmosphere inside Zervant is awesome – it’s always a pleasure to come to the Zervant office. If I would not pursue other life goals at the moment, I’d try to get into Zervant. How Zervant works and how they treat their people and customers is something really valuable.”

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