Why does setting up recurring invoices make sense?

When running a business, establishing lasting customer relationships is essential. You know you are the trusted supplier of your customer, when they keep coming back to your business. Many times, it may be ordering the same stuff on a regular basis. Instead of writing the same invoice over and over again, ease up your workload with recurring invoices.

Below, we’ve listed some reasons why setting up recurring invoices makes sense.

1. Automate, and never forget an invoice

It’s never a good day when you’ve forgotten to send out your invoice. With Zervant, you can set up recurring invoice profiles, that’ll automatically remember to invoice for you. All you need to do is set the invoice frequency, how many times you want them to be sent out, default products and services, and you’re good to go.

It also doesn’t matter if one month you got a slightly different order. You’ll always have the invoice draft ready in your invoice list, before you approve and send it, you can quickly add the extras your customer ordered.

2. Save time – there are more important things to take care of

We’ve looked at the data, and on average, it takes you about 9 minutes to create an invoice from scratch. Setting up recurring invoices is a great way to get rid of the month’s tedious work, and in the long run you’ll save 80% of your time spent invoicing.

3. Improve cash flow with easy-to-follow routines

Everyone adapts to routines. Your customers will quickly start expecting your invoices, if they look the same, arrive at the same time and have the same due date. That way, you don’t need to spend time chasing payments, and can keep your cash flow flowing steadily.

4. Invoicing that takes care of itself, invoicing software at it’s best

When set up properly, technology helps you run your business smoothly. By just setting up recurring invoice profiles, you automate invoice creation. On top of that, you can enable easy payments for your customers, by letting them pay directly from the invoice. You can also set up automatic payment reminders for every invoice, instead of contacting all your customers individually.

Ultimately, you can just sit back, have a look at your invoice overview and know which invoices are being sent out, which are past their due date and which are already paid.

When does it make sense to set up recurring invoicing?

We’ve listed a few things to look out for when you are considering to use recurring invoicing for your business:

  • Your business is focused on a few core products or services, keeping the contents of your invoices more or less the same.
  • You have a stable customer base, with customers ordering the same product or service on a regular basis.
  • You mainly charge monthly, such as by your month’s accrued hours or by a monthly service fee.

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