The top 5 scariest things about invoicing

Invoicing is not easy. It’s often feared and dreaded. It’s time-consuming, frustrating and the one thing separating you from your income. In other words – invoicing can be scary.

In this article, we give you Halloween chills by sharing the top five scariest things about invoicing that people who don’t use Zervant yet have to deal with.

1. Having to create an invoice from scratch – every single time

Creating invoices can be painfully time-consuming, especially when you need to start from scratch every single time you need to create a new invoice. Typing in all kinds of data, such as your company information, your customer’s details, the invoice number, possibly a PO number, the payment terms, the due date… the list goes on.

What starts as a tedious job, quickly becomes a waking nightmare! What’s more, that’s just for only one invoice! Once you’re finally done and relieved, you realise you have a few more invoices to create from scratch… The more invoices you have to create and send, the longer it takes.

Invoicing can take hours, especially if your processes aren’t automated. You can easily end up spending most of your day creating invoices, while you could have instead spent that precious time focusing on your strategy and growing your business. That time is now lost forever – isn’t that one of the scariest things about invoicing?

2. Late payments

Don’t we all know the struggle of not getting paid on time? You’re desperately waiting for that payment because you really need that cash flowing, and yet nothing is coming into your bank account. We all know that impatient feeling, don’t we?

Very often, the reason why you’re not getting paid on time is simply because the invoice you sent was not complete, which ends up delaying your payment and eventually negatively impacting your business.

Maybe the information on your invoice wasn’t correct? Or maybe it was not detailed enough for your customers to make the payment? Maybe some information was missing? Maybe your customers didn’t know where to send the payment or how to make it?

If you process your invoices and enter your data manually, you’re much more likely to send inaccurate and incomplete invoices.

No matter the reason why you get late payments, the horrific feeling of not getting paid on time is always the same!

3. Endless paper piles

A cluttered office filled with huge piles of papers laying around, countless folders lying on the shelves – that’s probably the kind of horror scene you’re witnessing everyday if you have not yet decided to start using an invoice software.

If you still use paper-based invoicing, filing and storing invoices must be one of your worst nightmares! And how about that invoice you absolutely need but there’s just no way to find it among the countless papers? What an ordeal!

Paper-based invoicing is by no means a reliable invoice management system. It’s much harder to backup, meaning you risk losing all your data if there’s an incident or accident, needless to mention the high cost of paper and its negative impact on the environment.

4. Lost invoices

Imagine: a customer contacts you to ask to send that invoice you sent two years ago. No problems, right? If you’re writing your invoices in Word or Excel, then that invoice is probably stored in your ‘Invoice Folder’.

You open the folder, look for the invoice and then the horror strikes when the invoice you’re looking for isn’t there anymore! Has it magically disappeared? Wait a minute… it was actually transferred to an external hard drive, but you just can’t remember where that hard drive is. How horrifying!

If you don’t have a proper system to create and store your invoices, such as a professional software, you not only risk losing your invoices, but you also risk not being legally compliant.

5. Having no clue about your invoice’s status

Do you know the feeling? You’ve just sent an invoice to your client and you’re relying on getting the payment as soon as possible because you need to have that cash flow. However, you have absolutely no way to know the status of your invoice. Has your invoice really been sent? Has your invoice been seen? Has your invoice even been received? You have absolutely no clue. How frustrating is this?

Having no way to track and check the status of your invoices is probably one of the most frightening parts of invoicing!

Given that Halloween is already full of scary things, don’t let invoicing be one of those!

Does any of this sound familiar? Can you relate to any of those invoicing nightmares?

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