The story behind our mission “Helping Entrepreneurs Succeed”

Helping entrepreneurs succeed, this is what we at Zervant are striving for in everything we do. The world of work is going through a seismic shift. People no longer work 35 years at the same company and retire with a gold watch goodbye. Increasing numbers of people are going it alone, and that’s exactly why we built Zervant on the premise that working for yourself should be as easy as working for someone else.

Made by entrepreneurs

Zervant’s founders, Tuukka Koskinen and Mattias Hansson, had both started their own companies and felt that paperwork was keeping them from the things that really mattered – developing their businesses and taking care of their customers.

“We were sick and tired of all the mind-numbing paperwork that comes with running your own business. We wanted to help European entrepreneurs, the European community; we wanted to make it easy for all entrepreneurs in Europe to successfully run their own business,” says COO Tuukka.

Made for entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial life is rewarding, yet highly challenging at times. There’s a sense of freedom that allows innovation, however administrative tasks can be showstoppers for some. We’re here to solve that problem. Zervant provides two of the most essential things any freelancer or small business owner needs. Firstly, the ability to create and send invoices at the click of a button, and secondly an array of possibilities to get paid faster (e.g. online payments, comprehensive invoice sending options or payment reminders).

Our work is based on three guiding principles: We want to boost your productivity, help you get paid faster and empower you to serve your customers better. We dedicate a lot of time and resources into the development of our software. However, one thing we know for sure: without our loyal users and customers, Zervant wouldn’t exist. Zervant was built for and by entrepreneurs like you.

Made for you

We really mean it when we say that we want to help you succeed with your business. We’re honoured that you’re a part of the Zervant journey, be it as a user of our free invoicing software, a premium customer or simply a reader of our Zervant blog. We have ambitious goals for us, and for you. We’re in this for the long run and we’ll continue to help you and other European entrepreneurs succeed.

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