Online Payments

Your customers want to use credit cards to pay – here’s why you should let them

Have your customers asked to be able to pay your invoices by credit or debit card? Or would you simply like to make it easier for your customers to pay you?

Paying invoices online has become common practice over the past couple of years, particularly among consumers. Your customers probably expect this too, even if they’re not actively requesting it. Internet banks, despite all of their benefits, can be a cumbersome tool for paying invoices.

Providing better service

At Zervant, we’re always pushing to find new ways of making our customers’ lives both easier and more productive. That’s why we now offer a new service called online payments that meets these objectives in a handy package. It allows invoice recipients (your customers) to pay your invoices almost instantaneously, with just a couple of clicks. This benefits both you and your customers.

Getting paid faster

Your customers will appreciate the possibility of paying you with minimal effort. That’s of course great in itself, but it gets even better! According to the invoicing and payment data recorded by our platform, there is a very substantial improvement in invoice recipients’ payment behaviour – online payments help you receive payment for your invoices much faster.

In fact, our data indicates that when a customer chooses to pay the invoice by credit card, it happens on average, in just two days after he/she received the invoice! That compares extremely favourably to the “regular” average payment time of 25–30 days.

We’ve visualised this with a slightly more detailed breakdown below. As you can see the majority, above 70% in fact, of invoices are paid on the date of issue, when the customer has chosen to go with the online payments -option. Hype and exaggeration is not our style, but we’re confident this is a true win-for-all and the data appears to back it up.

Time to pay invoice via credit or debit card – Zervant
How long it takes for customers to pay when an invoice is paid via credit or debit card, in days.

New ways of getting paid

Currently, your customers can make online payments with Zervant through credit and debit cards. In the future, we will offer additional payment methods, making payments more convenient for all your customers, even the ones who prefer not to use cards. Permitting customers to pay online often reduces payment delays. This is especially important if you are in the habit of giving your customers long payment terms, or if your customers occasionally fail to make prompt payments.

Keep track of payments

A key benefit of using online payments is that it will keep you up-to-date with respect to the payment status of your invoices. Once your invoice is paid, you will see this in the invoice overview in Zervant. Therefore, you won’t have to chase payment from your customers as often – something that allows you to focus on positive interactions with your customers!

Since we introduced online payments for invoices in April this year, we’ve have had over 700 customers starting to use it.