How to triple the speed of payments?

Late payments is an ongoing challenge we all face from time to time. However,  the challenge can be even more intensive for entrepreneurs. We at Zervant want to help you, and are endlessly working on finding new tools for you to reduce the time gap from invoice to payment.

Recently, we’ve found that when you allow your customers to pay their invoices by credit or debit card, payment time can be reduced to a third! On average, the time gap in payments is 60 days from sending your invoice. However, if your invoice includes the option of paying it with a card, the time gap to being paid can be cut down to 20 days!

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You can speed up your payment times by enabling card payment on your Zervant account too. In addition to speeding up your payment times we’ve previously shared some best practices on late payments such as how to remind customers of late payment and how to divide larger orders into smaller instalments – have a look!

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