Halloween: Chasing bugs at Zervant

As the All Hallows’ Eve draws near, and spirits and dark creatures lurk in the long shadows, we want to use this opportunity to explain to you how we keep your invoicing software safe from unpleasant beings, such as bugs.

A bug, or a software defect, can ruin anyone’s day be it Halloween or not. Brave men and women of the bugwatch work tirelessly to leave no stone unturned and drive the beasts out before they can do any harm. One does not simply fight these hideous things unarmed, and so to help them with their struggle they have unit tests, integration tests and end-to-end tests.

Unit tests are our first line of defence: they are run time and again to catch the fiends before they ever have time to leave the developer’s computer. They are fast and easy to use, but unfortunately, are only effective against individual horrors. To vanquish those hideous things that have banded together, we need something with a bit more reach.

unit testing gif

This is where integration tests come into play. Heavier to wield and much slower than the first category, they are very effective in catching larger groups of monstrosities that are working together.

The last line of defence are the end-to-end tests, constantly roaming the realm in search for our nemesis. These robotic sentries walk predefined paths and patrol the most trafficked roads to make sure that these are always clear and safe to travel on.

end to end tests gif

With literally millions of places to hide, some critters are eventually bound to sneak in and wreak havoc among the daring entrepreneurs. When word of this reaches us, the situation is first evaluated. When necessary, the alarm is sounded and the bug watch is immediately dispatched to deal with the situation. At other times, we need to plan carefully to avoid letting monsters loose elsewhere while disposing of these new ones.

The account above is fictional and highly dramatised: we do not (unfortunately) wield swords and fight monsters, although we still strive to do our best to keep all kinds of defects from hindering your work.

Happy Halloween from Zervant Product Development Team!

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