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The Great Advantages to Running a Business from Home

The latest guest post on our blog comes from the team over at Informi, a service that offers advice and support for small businesses. Enjoy! 🙂

Everyone loves the idea of not having to stagger out of bed at six, endure a half asleep shower, gulp some coffee and then commute to an office. That’s why weekends are quite well liked. But this kind of work is essential to life, right? There must be a reason why everybody does it, surely? That reason is lack of ambition and fear of failure. People fear rejection, uncertainty, change and risk like nothing else, and when faced with how shockingly easy setting up your own business and working from anywhere you like can be, raised sceptical eyebrows aren’t uncommon.

The hedonistic treadmill is a concept that regardless of what happens in life, you return to a basic constant level of happiness. It’s a key precept of Buddhism, and it’s the reason why lottery winners aren’t permanently bouncing off the walls forever. It’s very relevant to working from home.

At the start, you might keep up a work routine, while slightly enjoying the freedom offered from working from home, but you will eventually let that slip, and become lazier. Fall back into old habits. Unless, of course, you put measures in place to stop that happening. If you can keep working properly from home, growing a business and profiting, then there’s a whole host of reasons why running a business from home is great.

No More Draining Commute

Buses are gross. Trains are overcrowded. Rush hour traffic is appalling. Commuting at peak times is the worst. It’s expensive and time consuming. When you work from home, you dodge this ordeal entirely, meaning that if you’ve got to be working by ten, you no longer have to be up at six to make the bus or drive.

This is much less stressful, obviously. More sleep, less stress and saving money on the standard peak-time commute, it’s one of the key benefits to working from home. However, if you do get bored, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t take your laptop and seek out a workspace. Even just coffee shops can make a great alternative, but there are specialised workspaces in many big towns and cities for freelancers and the like.

Efficient Lifestyle Design

So you’ve started a business, you’ve probably read some Tim Ferris, and some other business and lifestyle gurus, right? So many of the precepts and ideas that they suggest you implement in your life would be near impossible at a standard full-time job. Diets, sleeping routines, exercise routines, if you want to do this kind of thing properly, you need to have some freedom, the kind of freedom that can only come from not having to be in a distant office nine-to-five.

Efficient lifestyle design can really make a difference long term, whether that’s being healthy, getting more done or just being happier.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Speaking of happiness. It’s such a cliché within western society, the workaholic bloke who rarely sees his wife and kids. Classic Cats in the Cradle nonsense, it’s so unnecessary. Working from home, you can be there for your partner and children whenever. On top of that, you can now have needy pets like dogs. So many breeds of dog cannot be left alone in the day. If you’ve always loved dogs, but been unable to commit to locking one up in your home, alone, all day, then working from home could be your chance.

Decide How Your Time is Spent

When you’re working for someone, it’s painfully common to find yourself doing tasks in a torturously inefficient manner and order. Incompetent personnel management is common in almost every industry, and to have to deal with it on a daily basis as an intelligent, driven person is awful. By working at home, you can allocate your time properly, and get the things done you need to, in the right time period.

No Rental Space Overheads

When directly compared against hiring out an office or shop space, running a business from home is much cheaper, especially if you live in a city where space is at a premium, somewhere like the absurdly gentrified and overpriced London. Saving yourself office space overheads can be a huge boon to the business, freeing up more capital to pump straight back in, and keep the business growing. After all, when it comes to running a business effectively, it’s all about getting rid of unnecessary costs and expenditures, and working from home is a great way to do just that.

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