Financial reports for your sole proprietorship

As a small business owner it is essential to always know the financial status of your business. Information about who your most important customers are, breakdown of business expenses, and monthly income vs. expenses need to be easily available. When you use Zervant you get instant access to this type of information with the click of a button. Today we updated the service with more graphical reports that really help you succeed in your business.

Here is a short summary of the new functionality that now is available to all our users:

  • The income and expense report has been improved with an easy to read bar chart
  • Added a new report that shows the sales breakdown by customer
  • Easy printing of time sheets
  • Possibility to customize the VAT levels, late payment charge and payment terms for your personal needs
  • Update messages that informs you of the latest updates to Zervant when you log in.

In the next update we plan to add support for multiple currencies and make it easier to use Zervant when working with professional accountants. In addition, we will soon also introduce the ability for our users to earn free usage by recommending Zervant to others.

Read more about Zervant’s invoicing software.

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