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E-invoicing is taking over – how Europe is adopting e-invoicing in 2019

Did you know that e-invoicing is becoming more popular? And it’s popularity will only continue to grow in 2019! According to Billentis’ e-invoicing market overview published in January 2019, around half of the organisations in Europe will be sending over 20% of all of it’s invoices as electronic invoices.

A big part of the ever growing adoption rate is an EU directive mandating the majority of European public administrations to be e-invoicing and e-procurement ready by 2020. However, it is the numerous advantages of e-invoicing that add to its increasing popularity.

E-invoicing not only simplifies invoicing, it helps save costs and improves security, read more about why e-invoicing is a good idea for everyone. Since introducing e-invoicing to Zervant, we’ve seen that more and more entrepreneurs have customers who prefer to receive their invoices electronically.

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Not yet sure about e-invoicing? Have a look at our beginner’s guide to e-invoicing or many more articles on invoicing. As for those e-invoicing adoption rates in Europe – have a closer look below:

Predicted E-Invoicing Market Adoption in Europe 2019

(Electronic share of total invoice/bill volume)

Billentis market overview 2019

Source: Billentis E-invoicing E-billing Market Overview 2019