Customizable product invoicing added

Product invoicing for self-employed

Thank you for your great feedback on the service so far! February was a great month and we received a lot of valuable feature requests and questions. The last couple of weeks we have been working hard to be able to respond to the requested functionality that is required from a leading solution for invoicing and small business management.

Today we are happy to announce a new version that hopefully makes the service even easier to use. Here is a summary of the key functionality released to the public today:

  • Ability to define own products and prices
  • Direct product invoicing
  • Updated printing format of the financial reports
  • Consumer pricing and invoicing, i.e. ability to define prices also including VAT (value added tax)
  • A bunch of smaller improvements such as supporting decimals in late payment charges, invoice number and date in invoice editor

We truly appreciate if you let us know your needs also going forward so that we can keep improving the service.

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