Category: Customer Stories

The Book Shepherd

We sat down with Scotland-based Book Shepherd, editor, and founder of Spotlight Editorial Chris Bryce, to find out more about what advice she has for aspiring entrepreneurs, and to find out how using Zervant has helped her business.

The Social Media Orchestra

How important is social media when it comes to running your own business? How much time should you spend on it, and what value does it bring? We spoke to social media pro and Zervant user David Taylor to find out more.

The Meerkat Brain

How do you navigate the stress of being an entrepreneur? We talked to hypnotherapist and Zervant user Nikki Powell about the power of positive affirmations – and how to master our meerkat brain.

Customer Story – Joe Dean

Our latest customer story comes from Joe Dean, photographer and fashion designer. We sat down with Joe to hear about what life is like as an entrepreneur, and how he manages to run two successful companies.

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