Accounting Software Could Save You 7 Hours a Week

We’re really passionate about our software, and as such are always keen to know exactly what benefits people get from using this sort of service. With this in mind we contacted our friends over at getapp and asked them to do a survey of entrepreneurs and find out a little more about how they use this type of software. Scroll down to find out more!

Accounting Software Saves Time and Money

The Survey

Getapp got in touch with 500 small business owners, all aged between 25 and 54. Those interviewed were asked how much time they save per week by using software to manage their invoices, as apposed to other, more traditional methods.

Around a quarter of those asked said they saved up to 2 hours a week, and another 40% saved between 3 to 7 hours. The remaining 35% are still not using accounting software to manage their finances. If you fall into this last category why not give Zervant’s software a try? You can create a free account by clicking here.

Small Business Accounting Software

You can also see the full results of the survey over on getapp’s site.


Whilst this survey is a good snapshot into the world of small business it only tells part of the story. It’s clear that these tools can indeed save you time and money, but a little more detail is needed!

How exactly do you save over an hour a day with accounting software?

Let’s take a closer look at how Zervant can help make the world of finance a whole lot easier, leaving you free to get on with what matters most – running your business!

Quick, easy invoicing. With our online invoicing software you can create and send an unlimited number of invoices, for free! Keeping track of who has paid (and when), following up on late payments, and planning ahead make it simple to get a financial overview of your business. Financial planning probably isn’t the most interesting thing about being an entrepreneur, but it’s one of the most important.

Managing Your Invoices

Information at your fingertips. Keeping a record of all your clients, their names, and addresses is one thing. Having to locate all these, put them on an invoice, and ensure they’re accurate starts to become a bit of an effort.

But if you use Zervant then we provide you with a nifty, integrated customer database.

You can store products, services, and customer details in Zervant, so everything is stored in one place, ready whenever you need it.

Financial Reports. The more business you do, the more information and data you’re going to get. It’s vital to have a way of consolidating this information, in a way that makes it useful and easy to understand.

Zervant creates reports for all your sales (including a general overview as well as a specific breakdown). And if you spend a lot of time getting things ready for your accountant Zervant also creates a report that allows you to export all your data to them in a few clicks.

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