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We have tried our best to make Zervant as easy to use as possible. Still, there are times when you may need assistance with the service or have a great idea on how to improve it.

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The most efficient way to contact our support team is to use the feedback-link in the top right corner of your account. Feedback and questions are sent directly to us.

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We always aim to answer all support requests immediately. Sometimes we receive a lot of requests and won't be able to respond straight away. Still, we promise to get back to you by the end of the next working day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer you were looking for below, please feel free to ask us directly and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Who will benefit from using Zervant?

Zervant is an invoicing and accounting software for small business owners. It is suitable for any business that invoices their clients for services or products. Zervant comes with a time tracking function, which will provide additional value to companies with several employees.

Do I need an accountant if I use Zervant?

Possibly. If you are a sole trader and comfortable with doing your tax returns yourself you will manage without an accountant. Alternatively, you can download and export accounting data and send it to your accountant. We do recommend that you use an accountant to file your tax returns or for tax consultation.

I have been using another accounting software. Is it easy to switch to Zervant?

Yes. You can set your accounting opening balances in your account settings to continue where you left off.

Can I import my existing customer or product database from another program?

Yes. You can import your data either by copy pasting from Excel or uploading a file.

Can I customise my invoices?

Yes. Our invoice templates can be customised with your company logo and contact information. Also, you can add personal messages to any outgoing communication to your clients and partners.

Do I need to install any software?

No. Zervant invoicing software is an easy to use online application and does not have to be installed on your computer. You can easily manage your business from any computer or tablet. Additionally, you'll get all the software updates automatically.

Is my data safe?

We backup all data every night to prevent any data loss and use high security auditing to track and identify any kind of unauthorised use of the system.

Which browsers does Zervant support?

The service works with all modern browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 or newer). In addition, you can use Zervant on iPads and tablets, while we offer mobile apps for all major platforms.

What languages does Zervant support?

Our application and invoice templates are currently available in English, German, French, Swedish, and Finnish. Additionally, we support over 200 currencies.

Is there a Zervant manual?

We aim to keep the service as simple as possible. If you are not able to find what you are looking for or need additional help please let us know, by filling in the contact form below. We really value your honest opinion.

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