Ever heard about Cloud Computing? No clue what it is? Well here is an infographic that gives you 4 good reasons to abandon your old rusty offline software.


A cloud software allows you to access data or services remotely. Basically, you don’t need to install anything – you just access it online, usually with a web browser. You probably already use Facebook, Gmail or online banking. Those applications don’t require any downloads or updates and are accessible anywhere, at any time and from any device as long as you have an internet connection.

Above all, no information is stored on your personal computer, which makes it easier to restore your data in case of lost/stolen/broken computer. No need for excessive data storage or local daily backups.

Key figures – Infographic

Below is an infographic that will illustrate all the benefit and gives you good reasons to replace your obsolete software.

Infographic about the advantages of Cloud services

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