This article describes how to create and send an invoice using Zervant’s online invoicing software. It takes less than 60 seconds! 

Create an Invoice, Add your Product

First of all you need to have a Zervant account. If you do, log in and click on the “invoices” tab at the top. If not, create one here. (You can also create an invoice from your customer database, or when logging hours in your timesheet).

Enter the correct invoice date, reference number, payment terms, any any other necessary information. Zervant will automatically create an invoice a number for you.

You also need to add the product/ services you want to invoice for. If you’ve used the Zervant for tracking your work, the hours logged can automatically be transferred to an invoice. Also make sure you include all other necessary fees and charges (eg. VAT), and Zervant will calculate all the totals for you.

To shave an extra few seconds off, you can  a database  with all your customers and products in it (or even import an existing one!).

Approve the Invoice, Click Send

Once the invoice is ready, click the “Preview and send” button. Give the document a final once over, and then send it. You do this directly as an email, or download a PDF version to print and send manually.

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Mark the Invoice as Paid

When your client pays, update the status of the invoice to “paid”. To do this open the invoice, click on the drop-down arrow next to turquoise “created” button.  Remember to set the correct date for when it was paid, to ensure your bookkeeping is accurate. With Zervant single entry bookkeeping and VAT reports are automatically updated when you mark invoices as paid.

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Comments or Questions?

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Create and send invoices in under 60 seconds.
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