This article describes how to create and send a professional invoice with the Zervant invoicing software in just moments.

Create an invoice and add invoice items

You can create a new invoice from the Create invoice link on the home page, from the customer database or directly from a client time sheet.

Start with selecting the invoice template, the invoicing software remembers the invoice template from time to time. You can easily change the invoice date, invoice number, reference number, payment terms, or other information related to the invoice. The software automatically assigns an invoice number to every new invoice you create. You can also create invoices in other languages, for the moment Zervant supports English, Swedish and Finnish.

The next step is to add the items that you want to invoice. If you have used a time sheet for tracking your work, the hours are automatically brought to your invoice template. Add any additional information and state the fee you want to charge, either with or without VAT. The invoicing software automatically calculates the other sum for you.

If you sell standardized products or services you can save them in the product register for even quicker invoicing.

Approve and send the invoice

When your invoice is ready, press the Approve invoice button to create and preview the finalized invoice. You can now send the invoice via e-mail or alternatively download a PDF version to your own computer to print or send manually.

Free invoice template

Also, we recommend that you collect customer feedback when sending out invoices. When you collect feedback you get valuable insight into what clients think about your services. That helps you to improve and build a reputation for your business.  You can even publish your customer satisfaction score online on your web page.

Mark the invoice as paid

When your client has paid the invoice you can easily change the status of the invoice to paid. Click on the Change status link to and remember to set the date it was paid to keep your bookkeeping up to date. Your bookkeeping and VAT reports are automatically updated when you mark the invoice as paid.

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